Coming Soon: Your Daily PAKs!

Help Us Reach 100,000 Members to activate the launch of our daily PAKS!

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Take Action NOW & Get Rewarded Later!

Between now and our official launch the top 25 PAKers in each of these areas  — *Membership, Outreach, Volunteerism, Support — will be rewarded for their excellence! Do you have the desire and determination to make a difference and be in the top 25? Yes? Then show your commitment to the world!

In addition to earning Karmic rewards, winners receive our PAK Recognition of Achievement Certificates, a month-long acknowledgement on our website and app, and a gift!

*Until we launch, Membership Ranking consists of one (1) point earned from each completed activities in Outreach, Volunteerism and Support.

  • Membership:  Sign up now for your free membership in the Karma Club, and take the PAK Pledge.
  • Outreach:  Then be sure to upload your video to our sites, and start sharing! The more people you get to take the PAK Pledge, the higher you rise in the ranking!
  • Volunteerism:  No matter where you are in the world, put in some volunteer time with our organization.
  • Support:  Help support our outreach programs through donations and sponsorships from individuals, organizations, agencies and businesses.
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